Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Round-the-Nation U.N. Bid Torch Relay Starts from Today

Despite Kinmen County's refusal to collaborate, Taiwan’s Cabinet-level Sports Affairs Council (SAC) is poised to kick off a nationwide U.N. bid torch relay. This round-the-nation torch relay is scheduled to begin from Ketagalan Boulevard in front of Taiwan’s Presidential Office on Oct. 24th and expected to take 11 days to complete. It will pass through 25 cities and counties, including the outlying islands such as Penghu and Matsu, before concluding on Nov. 3rd.

The SAC had issued notification to all local governments seeking their arrangements for the torch relay, so as to demonstrate the government's desire to enter the U.N. under the name “Taiwan.”

However, Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin from the KMT claimed that the event is a "political activity" and requires a public assembly permit from the city government. He insisted that holding the activity without a permit is unlawful.

In response, President Chen Shui-bian said the KMT should not adopt a "double standard," on the grounds that the KMT’s presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou previously made a nationwide cycling tour to drum up support for his campaign, but the local governments did not force Ma to apply for a permit, not to mention they even dispatched police to maintain order at events held during Ma’s tour.

President Chen addressed that the nationwide torch relay aims to promote Taiwan's U.N. bid, and it is "definitely lawful." He also urged the public to actively participate in the event.

According to Chen, joining the U.N. is a goal shared by 23 million people in Taiwan, and the opposition KMT should not disrespect this goal and block the relay.


sherry said...

may the "UN for Taiwan" passion flame keep on burning in all Taiwanese people's hearts!

go Taiwan! ^__^

Tim Maddog said...

I really like the idea of this Torch Relay! Where can people find the schedule so that they can participate when it comes to their city?

Tim Maddog

Dr. T said...

Hello everyone~

The schedule of the torch relay can be found at:

Go Taiwan!

Tim Maddog said...

Great! Thanks for that, Dr. T!

Tim Maddog