Friday, October 26, 2007

The referendum on Taiwan's UN bid and "One China" Policy

Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian addressed that Taiwan’s pushing for the referendum on its bid to join the UN under the name “Taiwan” will allow both the USA and China to re-evaluate the "One China" policy.

President Chen and Vice President Lu joining U.N. bid torch relay on Oct. 24th

The cover of “Deconstructuring One China”

Last month, a book titled “Deconstructuring ‘One China’: Theoretical, Comparative and Historical Studies” that I co-edited with Ms. Yun-wen Soong had been published and caught many attentions. This book aims to re-think and re-evaluate the so-called “One China” policy that has been detrimental to the development of Taiwan’s foreign relations, and addresses the importance of deconstructuring the “One China” framework manipulated by the Beijing authority in the international arena.

Taiwan’s President Chen Shui-bian also echoed the ideas emphasized in the book by addressing that Taiwan’s pushing for the referendum on Taiwan's bid to join the UN under the name “Taiwan” will allow the USA to re-evaluate its "One China" policy.

Under the influence of the referendum on Taiwan’s UN bid, President Chen claimed that Washington will certainly review the "One China" policy that has been in favor of the People's Republic of China and consider whether or not the USA should politically recognize both China and Taiwan.

The DPP-proposed referendum on whether to join the UN under the name Taiwan is slated to be held alongside Taiwan’s presidential election on March 22 next year. Chen believes that the passage of the ruling DPP-initiated UN bid referendum will be very helpful for winning USA’s support for Taiwan.

In addition, President Chen also claimed that once the referendum’s result shows that most of the Taiwanese support Taiwan to enter the UN under the name of Taiwan, the PRC will no longer insist on the "One China" prerequisite for cross-strait negotiations.


sherry said...

I hope that Taiwan will be able to hold the "UN for Taiwan" referendum!

Step by step, day by day Taiwan is getting closer to becoming a normalised nation! ^___^

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