Monday, September 3, 2007

Referendum on Taiwan's UN bid and Taiwan-US Relations : Has the US become China's Spokesman ?

Taiwan’s plan to hold a referundum on joining the UN under the name “Taiwan” has made the relations between Taiwan and the US go through a shaky period. Throughout this process, one can observe that the US’ scale has gradually tilted more toward China. However, this change in American foreign policy has not only harmed the US relationship with its most loyal friend in Asia but also damaged the interests of the US. Although China appreciates the US opposition to Taiwan’s referendum plan, many allies of the US in Asia are perplexed by the US’ attitude. To some degree, the US has become China’s spokesman.

Undoubtedly, the geopolitics of Asia is beyond complicated. Politically, democratic and authoritatian countries exist side by side in the region of Asia. Economically, due to its fast growing economy, Asia has become the real driver of the global economic domain; ironcially, the richest and the poorest societies also co-exist in Asia. Moreover, since the 1990s, military spending in Asia has been increasing and shot to a record high. Asia in the 21st century is like Europe in the 19th century—various powers have risen, but a transnational security mechanism has not yet been established to control and alleviate regional tensions in Asia.

Taiwan has a very unique strategic geopolitical position in East Asia. During the past sixty years, Taiwan has been under the military threats of China but in the mean time made great efforts in achieving politcial democraticization and economic modernization. In addition, Taiwan has been selfishlessly sharing its development experience with the international community, and has maintained mutually harmonious and prosperous relations with other countries. Moreover, Taiwan always obeys the UN charter and the regulation of international laws, as well as promotes regional stability and peace.

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