Friday, August 31, 2007

GIO’s Creative Campaign for Taiwan’s UN Bid

Personally wearing a T-shirt with the new UN bid logo, Shieh Jhy-wey, Minister of the Government Information Office (GIO) of Taiwan’s Executive Yuan, held a press conference to launch the Taiwan UN bid campaign. Soon after, through telephone calls and e-mails, a large number of Taiwanese people from the public enquired about how to purchase the T-shirts. However, the GIO had created a limited number of these T-shirts as a promotional item, and they were originally meant for overseas advertising instead of Taiwan domestically.

Minister Shieh said that an innovative design was created to attract Taiwanese people to participate in the activities organized by the government, and it would also amass the people’s consensus to promote the UN bid as a drive for the entire public.

The GIO has decided to grant trademark rights to local factories and allow the graphics to be used in products such as cups, mouse pads and stickers, so that the entire nation can unfold Taiwan’s originality in the UN bid.

In addition, the GIO has also resolved to take the profits from the selling of trademark rights toward public welfare use. The intention is to return back to society and to give more meanings to this activity for the entire public.

From September of this year, the GIO ads will be displayed at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York and in a number of bus stops and telephone booths in New York City. The international ads are designed to attract attention during the UN General Assembly meeting to be held on September 18.

The GIO hopes that with creativity and diversity in promotional advertising and events, the plight for Taiwan’s UN bid in 2007 will win more attention and support than before in Taiwan as well as overseas.

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show us a pic of the t-shirt!!