Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Strategy and New Logo for 2007 Taiwan's UN Bid Unveiled

According to Taiwan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs James Huang, Taiwan’s strategy this year for entering the United Nations does not aim to challenge U.N. resolution 2758 based on “one-China” policy. “Taiwan is not interested in fighting with Beijing on the representation of China. We have no intention of using ‘Republic of China’ to return the UN,” Huang stressed. He argued that the main goal of Taiwan’s bid is for a new membership.

The 62nd annual UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) is expected to convene on September 19 at the UN’s headquarters in New York City.

Huang said currently 15 of Taiwan’s allies have submitted a joint proposal to the UN General Assembly, urging the Security Council to equitably handle Taiwan’s application in accordance to the UN charter by including the application to be listed as a supplementary item on the assembly’s agenda.

However, the list of countries does not include Nicaragua, Paraguay, and Panama, indicating that they will not rule out forming closer ties with the PRC while keeping a formal diplomatic alliance with Taiwan.

Meanwhile, the Taiwan’s Cabinet yesterday also displayed the logo for this year’s UN bid. The logo was designed based on the image of a baseball, inspired by Taiwan’s favorite son—Yankees pitcher Wang Chien-min.

Cabinet spokesman Shieh Jhy-wey said, “Wang is a national role model. We took advantage of his popularity and decided to make it part of our bid for UN membership with the hope that our voice can be heard by more people.”

“A great country must come up with a great dream. Our dream is to participate in the UN....The process for applying to the UN is like a baseball game. You do not know what will happen until the last minute of the game,” Minister James Huang said.

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