Monday, August 20, 2007

The Acer founder Stan Shih will represent Taiwan at the 2007 APEC forum

This year’s Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum will be held in Sydney on September 8 and 9. David Spencer, Australia’s Ambassador to APEC, presented Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian the written invitation from Australian Prime Minister John Howard that addressed Chen as “President Chen Shui-bian.” For the coming summit, Chen has appointed Acer Group Founder Stan Shih as his envoy.

President Chen considered Stan Shih as the best spokesman for Taiwan in the international community due to his contribution in putting Taiwan on the world’s high-tech map. Last year, Shih was named by Time magazine as one of the “60 Years of Asian Heroes” who have shaped the times over the last six decades in Asia. He was also given the title of “Star of Asia” in 2004 by Business Week.

President Chen told Spencer that as the founder of the Acer group, Stan Shih has boosted Taiwan’s image in the international arena as well. There is no doubt that global acceptance of the Acer brand has helped to associate “Made in Taiwan” products with high levels of quality.

The major goal of Taiwan’s delegate for this summit will be to inform the APEC member countries that Taiwan is able to make a solid contribution in efforts to control greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, Taiwan will put forth a proposal during the summit to make known Taiwan’s efforts to address global warning and climate change issues in five areas including environmental protection in industry, consumption patterns, clean production, pollution control, and greenhouse gas reduction.

(Excerpts from Taipei Times and Taiwan News)

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