Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Taiwan Lightning: Chien-Ming Wang

MLB Yankees’ pitcher Chien-Ming Wang led NY Yankees to outplay NY Mets with 10 strikeouts at Subway Series on 17 June. The commentator always emphasized that Wang is from Taiwan on the sportscast, a worldwide live telecast, and the map of Taiwan was also shown on TV through programs like CNN.

Besides, 5 days ago, 12 June, Chien-Ming Wang and another pitcher Hong-Chih Kuo(L.A. Dodgers)from Taiwan also won over their adversaries, both with 4:1. We saw wonderfully Kuo's bat flipped his first Major League home run -- and first homer by any Taiwanese-born player.

Baseball, which is what I call “Taiwan National Sport”, not only unites Taiwanese but also leads Taiwan to show on the global stage. Since China always forces out Taiwan’s international participation, it is very hard for Taiwan to be seen by the international community except baseball and IT industry.

Because of the prefect performance of Wang, which shows Taiwan to the world, China’s press claims that Wang comes from “China”, with the intention to confuse other countries’ people who cannot identify Taiwan as a sovereign country and make them regard Taiwan as a part of China. Sadly to say, China uses every conceivable trick to shut Taiwan out of this world, therefore we have to struggle for our lives.

Nowadays, sport games have become the emerging field for countries to display their power, so we can see the fever of FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Game. Today’s Taiwan, because of her dilemma of diplomacy, Taiwanese have to find ways to show Taiwan’s existence in the global village, and baseball is a great way to make it. We are so glad that Wang’s great performance in MLB in the United States introduces Taiwan to the whole world, and that he has already become the voice of Taiwan.

Meanwhile, we have to emphasize that Chien-Ming Wang is from Taiwan not from China and highlight that Taiwan is not a part of China and China must stop stealing Taiwan’s great achievements. Products from Taiwan are Quality Assurance, but those from China are Poor Guarantee, and this is the difference between Taiwan and China. Through this distinguishing feature, we are sure that more and more people can recognize that Taiwan is totally different from China.


Anonymous said...

I like Wang very much. He is so cool and humble. I think Taiwanese should stop fighting each other and take more time to enhance their capabilities. And then, the international community will notice Taiwan owing to her achievements in various fields.

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