Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Shengsing Train Station

Last weekend my friend and I went to the Shengsing Train Station in Miaoli County and had a good time there.

The Shengsing Train Station which is one of the hot spots in Taiwan is famous for being located at the highest point of the western railway trunkline, 402.326 meters above sea level. Completed in 1906, the Japanese occupation period, the architecture of the train station features a Japanese style, and many old train signals that originally stood between the Shengsing and Tai-an Station are still able to be seen.

With the automation of railway system, it is hard to see a historic station like this. Although no longer an important train station, Shengsing is kept in a good condition and worth visiting. In particular, you can walk on the tracks, which I think is the coolest part.

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