Sunday, June 17, 2007

Do you know what's up in Taiwan?

Do you know what's up in Taiwan?

When you travel around, how would you introduce yourself to foreigners? Had you ever met someone who couldn’t tell the difference between Taiwan and Thailand? Or, how would you explain the politics in Taiwan to those people who couldn’t understand why Taiwan is not a part of China?

While the popularity of China was growing, few people wanted to bring Taiwan to the world so they conducted this program. It is truly a great introduction to Taiwanese culture from foreigners’ perspective. If you haven’t listened to this program, please feel free to visit this site first, What's up in Taiwan: About What's up in Taiwan, to get to know the host and the program.

I’m moved for there are so many people who care about Taiwan and they are willing to take action. No matter you are a Taiwanese or not, you haven’t been to Taiwan or not, try this program, maybe you can get a different outlook of what the island looks like.

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