Friday, June 15, 2007

China, a liar

When Taiwan works hard in lobbying for its entrance into the World Health Organization (WHO), China always says, “there is no need for Taiwan to join the WHO, since China already takes care of it.” The claim is undoubtedly a big lie, but the strange thing is, every country keeps silent despite they all know it is a lie. As a Taiwanese, I have to say the thing that frustrates me is not the oppression from China, but the callous attitude of international community. Everyone likes to say, “all men are created equal.” However, does anyone really actualize it? I doubt.

Read the news from BBC: “Chinese hospitals used fake drips,” and ask yourself, “do I really believe this kind of China can take care of the health of Taiwanese people?” If the answer is NO, please go back to the homepage of this blog and cast your vote to support Taiwan’s entrance into the WHO Thanks!

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