Friday, September 7, 2007

Taiwan’s UN Bid and Foreign Relations - Public Polls

【Taiwan’s UN Bid and Foreign Relations】
Public Polls

Commissioned by: Taiwan Thinktank
Conducted by: Era Communication CO, LTD
Area of Survey: entire nation
Subjects: adults over 20 years old
Date of Survey: 8/30/2007(18:30-22:00); 9/1/2007(13:30-17:30); 9/2/2007(13:30-17:30)
Sampling Method: Computer-assisted telephone interviewing
Effective Samples: 1,068 persons
Sampling Error: ±3 percentage point, at near 95% confidence level
Weights: Using population statistical information from the Internal Ministry to set weights for area, sex and ages, which suitable with the core structure

【Survey Results】

Q1: In your opinion, is Taiwan a sovereign state?

(01) Yes 75.6% (02) No 12.2% (03) Do no know/no answer 12.2%

Q2: Do you agree with the Chinese claim that Taiwan is a part of China?

(01) Strongly agree 3.9% (02) Somewhat agree 7.2% (03) Disagree 33.6% (04) Strongly disagree 42.6% (05) Do not know/now answer 12.7%

Q3: Ban Ki-moon is the current UN Secretary-General. Do you agree with his statement that Taiwan is a part of PRC?

(01) Strongly agree 3.8% (02) Somewhat agree 6.5% (03) Disagree 30.4% (04) Strongly disagree 48.6% (05) Do not know/no answer 10.8%

Q4: If Taiwan is allowed to join the UN, will it be helpful for protecting Taiwan’s national security?

(01) Very helpful 45.7% (02) Somewhat helpful 25.5% (03) Not very helpful 12.3% (04) Not helpful at all 7.0% (05) Do not know/no answer 9.5%

Q5: If Taiwan can become a member of the UN, will it be helpful for promoting peace across the Strait?

(01) Very helpful 24.2% (02) Somewhat helpful 25.8% (03) Not very helpful 18.7% (04) Not helpful at all 17.9% (05) Do not know/no answer 13.4%

Q6: Currently both of the DPP and the KMT have their own UN referendum plans. Are you in favor of holding this type of referendum?

(01) Absolutely in favor 36.6% (02) Somewhat in favor 20.1% (03) Not quite in favor 17.0% (04) Absolutely not in favor 16.6% (05) Do not know/no answer 9.7%

Q7: Are you in favor of applying for the UN membership under the name “Taiwan”?

(01) Absolutely in favor 48.2% (02) Somewhat in favor 20.7% (03) Not quite in favor 10.3% (04) Absolutely not in favor 11.1% (05) Do not know/no answer 9.7%

Q8: Some people said that “Taiwan’s UN referendum is the first step towards declaring independence.” Do you agree with this comment?

(01) Strongly agree 24.7% (02) Somewhat agree 17.4% (03) Not quite agree 26.8% (04) Absolutely do not agree 20.5% (05) Do not know/no answer 10.6%

Q9: The US government currently opposes Taiwan’s UN referendum plan; are you still in favor of holding this type of referendum?

(01) Absolutely in favor 36.4% (02) Somewhat in favor 19.3% (03) Not quite in favor 17.7% (04) Absolutely not in favor 16.2% (05) Do not know/no answer 10.4%

Q10: If Taiwan cannot become a member of the UN this year, will you still be in favor of our government’s efforts to apply for the UN membership under the name “Taiwan”?

(01) Absolutely in favor 48.3% (02) Somewhat in favor 18.8% (03) Not quite in favor 12.5% (04) Absolutely not in favor 13.2% (05) Do not know/no answer 7.2%

Q11: The government of Singapore is the first country which expressed its opposition to Taiwan’s UN bid this year. Do you favor Singapore’s action against Taiwan’s UN bid?

(01) Absolutely favor 4.4% (02) Somewhat favor 4.2% (03) Not quite favor 26.1% (04) Absolutely do not favor 50.8% (05) Do not know/no answer 14.5%

Q12: Chinese people comprise 75% of Singapore’s population. In your view, should Singapore be unified with China?

(01) Should 9.0% (02) Should not 59.3% (03) Do not know/no answer 31.8%

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