Thursday, September 20, 2007

Introducing Foreign Affairs TV show—Taiwan Outlook

“Taiwan Outlook,” produced by Taiwan Macroview TV and hosted by Dr. Chih-Cheng Lo, focuses on current and emerging issues regarding Taiwan’s domestic and international politics. The show invites notable expert scholars, journalists and government officials from various countries to provide timely interpretations, high-quality analyses, as well as interesting discussions on current foreign affairs. Topics of the latest episodes—mostly related to the issue of Taiwan’s UN bid—are as follows:

1. Bid for UN under the Name “Taiwan”
2. No Change for Official National Name
3. Taiwan's New Approach This Year: Applying for UN Membership Directly
4. UN Bid: Approach for Election?
5. UN's Reaction to Taiwan's Bid
6. Concern of US: about Taiwan's UN Bid or about Referendum?
7. China Becoming More Aggressive in the Foreign Affairs Arena?
8. China Pushing New Resolution in UN?
9. Int'l Organizations Coming Closer to China's Position?
10. Taiwan's Internal Consensus toward UN Bid
11. Impact of Taiwan's UN Bid on Cross-Strait Relationship
12. Differences between DPP's & KMT's Referendum Appeal
13. Best Scenario for Taiwan
14. Taiwan's Message to Int'l Community: Confusing or Not?
15. China's Pressure on Taiwan
16. China's Reaction to DPP's & KMT's Actions
17. Foreseeable Future for Cross-Strait Relationship
18. Diplomatic Ceasefire between Taiwan & China: a Possibility?
19. How Taiwan Competing with China
20. Long-term Strategies for Taiwan's UN Bid

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