Monday, September 17, 2007

DPP’s UN rally attracts huge crowd showing Taiwanese supports referendum

Flanked by DPP presidential candidate Frank Hsieh and Vice President Annette Lu, Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian led a mass march in Kaohsiung last Saturday.

Hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese marched in the southern industrial port of Kaohsiung City Saturday (9/15) evening to express their support for the DPP proposed referendum advocating the use of the name of "Taiwan" to apply for UN membership.

The proposed referendum will need to secure 840,000 signatures to complete its second-stage petition and win a place on the ballot together with next year’s presidential election. It has been openly and strongly opposed by the PRC and the US.

According to the organizers, it is estimated that 500,000 Taiwan residents may have participated in this rally, “sending a message” to leaders in both Beijing and Washington.

The event was held simultaneously with a rally across from the UN headquarters in New York City convened by Taiwan Government Information Office Minister Shieh Jyr-wei. Around 6,000 people attended in NYC’s rally.

(Excerpts from Taiwan News)

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