Monday, August 6, 2007

Public Opinions on the Chinese Communists’ Suppression over Taiwan's Participations in the International Societies

Q1: China has recently pirated our diplomatic tie with Costa Rica using dollar diplomacy. Are you angry about the Chinese Communists’ deliberate suppressions over Taiwan’s international surviving space?

3.7% (1) Not so angry
16.2% (2) Not angry
35.0% (3) Angry
27.4% (4) Very angry
17.7% (5) I don’t know/No Comment

Q2: Regarding the Chinese Communists’ pillages of Taiwan’s diplomatic ties in the international sphere, do you think China should be responsible for the worsened cross-strait relations?

1.7% (1) No, they really should not
12.5% (2) No, they shouldn’t
38.0% (3) Yes, they should
26.4% (4) Yes, they really should
21.4% (5) I don’t know/No Comment

Q3: The Chinese Communists boycotts Taiwan’s participation in the international organizations (for example, disallowing Taiwan from joining the World Health Organization, the United Nations, and etc.), and lower Taiwan’s position in the international organizations (for example, pressing the OIE to pass a resolution to admit “Taiwan is a part of China’s territory”). In your opinion, is this a good or bad effect towards the cross-strait relations?

46.0% (1) Very bad
39.3% (2) Bad
1.2% (3) Good
0.3% (4) Very Good
1.5% (5) No effect
11.7% (6) I don’t know/No comment

Q4: The Chinese government has threatened to use military force against Taiwan and suppressed Taiwan’s diplomacy on the one hand, and it has also claimed “efforts shall be put into things that benefit Taiwanese people’s well being” on the other. In your opinion, do you think the Chinese Communists’ actions are inconsistent with their words and cheat on the Taiwanese people?

78.2% (1) Yes
8.4% (2) No
13.4% (3) I don’t know/No Comment

Q5: Some said that the Chinese Communists’ Taiwan policy is aiming at diminishing the Republic of China and annexing Taiwan. Therefore, Beijing will not possibly concede in terms of Taiwan’s sovereignty issue, and we should disenchant from the Chinese Communists. Do you agree with this argument?

4.8% (1) Strongly disagree
19.2% (2) Disagree
33.5% (3) Agree
26.5% (4) Strongly agree
16.0% (5) I don’t know/No Comment

Q6: The Chinese Communists assert that Taiwan should accept “One China principle” and deny the Republic of China’s sovereignty first, and then cross-strait negotiations could be started through some civil-based cultural and economic international activities that China would allow Taiwan to participate. Some people consider this assertion unacceptable, while some don’t. In your own opinion, do you consider it acceptable or unacceptable?

34.8% (1) Totally unacceptable
37.4% (2) Unacceptable
11.7% (3) Acceptable
1.8% (4) Totally acceptable
14.3% (5) I don’t know/No Comment


Tim Maddog said...

Who did the poll? When? Via what method? How many people were asked the questions? Can readers of this blog see the questions as worded in the original language? If so, where?

The answers to these questions would be quite helpful.

Tim Maddog

Dr. T said...

Survey Conducted By: China Credit Information Service, Ltd
Date: 9-11th June, 2007
No. of Samples: 1067
Accuracy of Survey Result: 95% ±3.0%
Objects: Citizen Aged from 20-69
Weighted Method: Random selection by the last four digits of the phone no.

Dr. T said...

Dear Mr. Maddog,
The version in its original language is as follows:
Hope you will find the info useful. Thank you!

Tim Maddog said...

Dr. T, Thanks for those answers.

Tim Maddog