Monday, July 30, 2007

Public Survey: A View of Our Present Diplomacy Seen from Our Internal Population

While China’s incessant suppression of Taiwan’s international space only makes the Taiwanese public more resentful toward Beijing, 51% of the Taiwanese respondents are in strong support of using the name “Taiwan” to apply for a UN membership.

The topics of this survey focus on the public’s view of our current foreign diplomacy, cross-strait relations, as well as issues on joining the United Nations.

1) 79% of the public are in support of using the name of Taiwan to apply for UN membership, and 51% of the public within the survey are in strong support of this move.

2) The poll showed that 45% of the public thought China’s over-all suppression is the main reason that has caused Taiwan’s international presence to shrink continuously.

3) 51% of the public believed that the development of Taiwan-PRC interchange should be dealt with on a priority. While 39% thought that the development of Taiwan’s diplomatic relations should be seen as a priority.

4) If expanding our foreign relations will cause tensions across the strait, 68% of the public still support our government to continue developing our diplomatic ties with other states.

5) Taiwan does not ask new diplomatic countries to break ties with China, but China asks countries to sever relations with Taiwan when establishing ties with China. 87% of the public disapproved China’s practice in this regard.

6) China’s suppression of Taiwan internationally has become more and more severe. 38% of the public felt there is a need to find international survival space by negotiating with China, and 35% thought we need to rely on our own power to seek breakthroughs, and another 18% believed we need to rely on large countries to aid us.

7) This public survey discovered that the 39% of the public have the most favorable impression of Japanese, and 32% have the most favorable impression of Americans. While the result is less than 10% for Chinese.

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