Monday, July 2, 2007

Dr. T's Words

After decades of isolation and exclusion from the world stage, the nation of Taiwan has made tremendous achievements in terms of economic success and democratic progress. Taiwan is a new democracy marching towards its third general presidential election, and it is also one of the very few Asian countries that have enjoyed peaceful transition of power and regime without a single bullet fired or a single drop of blood. For all the people in Taiwan, this process has been a long and tough but remarkable journey.

Nevertheless, Taiwan is still being barred from joining many important international organizations, such as the UN and WHO. For example, although Taiwan’s population of 23 million is greater than that of 3/4 of the member states already in the WHO, Taiwan’s request of actively participating in the WHO has been repeatedly ignored, due to the hostility from China.

This blog wishes to talk to the world about Taiwan’s never-ending efforts to bring equal treatment this beautiful island truly deserves, as well as its multifaceted achievements and contributions to the international community. Meanwhile, this blog also aims to help our international friends have more understandings of Taiwan’s domestic and external politics, and to raise awareness of the issues regarding humanity in the global context as well.

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