Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Love from Taiwan: TAIWAN ROOT Medical Peace Corps

Although Taiwan has been excluded from the WHO and other international organizations due to the PRC’s blockage, the Taiwan government and NGOs still respect and practice the universal principle “Health for All” addressed in the WHO Constitution. As such, our government and private sector so far have donated over US$300 million in medical aid and provided humanitarian assistance to the people in need living in more than 95 countries and regions.

Among the Taiwan NGOs, “Taiwan Root Medical Peace Corp” (TRMPC) is famous for its great efforts in improving the quality of life and establishing health cooperations through offering a wide range of medical services, technical support and training, as well as health education. Founded in 1995 by Dr. Chi-Chun Liu, “Taiwan Root” has been providing primary health care and important health information all over the world, and many talented medical personnel and volunteers coming from different corners of Taiwan have joined the group. The organization’s major goal, as mentioned in its official website, is that “TRMPC believes that medical service should transcend national borders and exceed the limitations of politics, race, and religion.” In other words, “Taiwan Root” aims to create and ensure equitable access of healthcare to people all around the world.

Since 1995, “Taiwan Root” has conducted more than 80 domestic medical service trips and then extended its services to the people living in developing countries by providing provided free medical care to isolated populations, refugee camps, as well as the victims of natural disasters. According to its report, the areas served by “Taiwan Root” include Bolivia, India, Indonesia, Liberia, Macedonia, Paraguay, Peru, the Philippines, Swaziland, Sikkim, and so on.

Since Taiwan enjoys superiority in the health realm, Taiwanese medical professionals and citizens can really become significant contributors to global health community. We sincerely hope that in the near future, Taiwan will have the chance to be incorporated into the WHO and other international health organization.

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