Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The China Factor in Taiwan's Admission into the WHO

When I browsed the website of "Peace Forum" (www.peaceforum.org.tw), the following article attracted my attention.

As it mentioned, the main reason for Taiwan not being a member of the World Health Organization was China's boycott. In the past few years, China kept reiterating that there was only One China in the world, and therefore Taiwan couldn't be a part of the WHO.

So, it's obvious that who is putting politics above health rights, isn't it?


The China Factor in Taiwan's Admission into the WHO

China is the biggest obstacle in Taiwan’s admission to the WHO

Under the current severe political confrontation, Taiwan’s bid for the WHO membership is one of the few issues that have high consensus in Taiwan society. Since 1997, the Taiwan government has adopted the policy of seeking admission into the WHO. But after 10 years of effort, Taiwan is still unable to achieve its goal. However, these efforts have brought this issue to the attention of the international community, and have gained support from friendly nations that are willing to assist Taiwan to become part of global cordon.

It is an undeniable fact that Taiwan’s biggest obstacle in joining the WHO is China’s blockage. Otherwise, as the world’s 15th biggest economy and a vibrant democracy, there is no reason for the WHO to refuse Taiwan’s membership bid. As a rising power, China has exerted enormous influences and pressure to drive Taiwan out of international arena by forcing the world to accept the so-called “One-China Policy.” The PRC has tried to make it as a “norm,” so as to deny Taiwan’s nationhood and sovereignty.

The methods China used to block Taiwan’s participation

1) International Law Argument:

The PRC has always argued that the UN Resolution 2758 and its derivative laws have declined Taiwan’s sovereign nation status and abolished Taiwan’s right to participate in organizations that require nationhood, including the WHO.
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