Thursday, May 10, 2007

Things the Beijing government and the WHO secretariat don't want you to see!

In the early 1990s tenthousands of poor peasants are encouraged to donating blood plasma. By 2005, some 55,000 of these blood donors are infected with HIV due to unsave practices. Some Chinese experts have reported the number of infected blood donors to be more than 170,000 in Henan province. They also estimated another 130,000 patients of hospitals in Henen to be infected with HIV through blood transfusions. In the late 1990s the commercial blood plasma trade is a huge money maker for public officials and even the military in China. This probably explains why the scandal is covered up by officials in both Henan and Beijing.
The village of Shuangmiao in Henan province, is particularly affected. A large percentage of the peasants are in fected with HIV after donating blood plasma.

Why has the WHO being conspiring with China in all these years to block Taiwan from entering the organisation? Why can't the WHO realise that Taiwan's world-class medical care system could prevent catastrophes like this from happening again in China?

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