Tuesday, May 8, 2007

NGOs attempt to raise WHO awareness in Taiwan

Several non-governmental organizations are trying to raise awareness among the local public about Taiwan's attempts to enter the World Health Organization (WHO).

The groups in question are sponsoring a health walk in Taipei on Saturday. The walk is meant to build up determination within Taiwan about the WHO issue.

The foreign ministry's spokesman, Wang Chien-yeh, commented on the significance of the event:

"The main goal of the event is to raise awareness among Taiwanese citizens, and to educate people around the world that Taiwan is currently excluded from the WHO. We are using a health walk as the main theme of the event. In this way, we hope to present a positive and healthy image [to promote Taiwan's entry into the WHO]."

In related news, California Hospital Association President C. Duane Dauner on Monday called on the WHO to grant Taiwan membership. He said Taiwan is entitled to become a full member of the international health body. Dauner also said that other countries had a lot to learn from Taiwan about its medical treatment system.

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