Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Dr. Lo's Comment in the WHO Press Conference held by FMPAT at 17 April

Dr. Lo: All depends on China’s attitude

As Dr. Lo has indicated, the reason that Taiwan was refused entry to WHO is indeed a political one. As long as Beijing agrees, none of the 192 membership countries would have any motive to against it; therefore, it is not that other countries do not support the cause, but more to do with the attitude of the Chinese government.

Dr. Lo then suggested that Taiwan should apply for the full membership of the WHO through the so-called “East German Mode,” and by continuous and relentless efforts and determination, Taiwan would one day gain international recognition. In 1968, said Dr. Lo, East Germany formally requested to be a member of the WHO, yet different and contrasting views were held regarding the statehood of the country at the time. The WHO secretariat then issued an open statement to the membership countries, stating that the responsibility of East Germany’s qualification review would be delegated to the membership countries of the group, and the case would be made in the assembly.

Dr. Lo stated that since the application in 1968 till 1971, East Germany had never been granted the status of observership of the WHO. In 1972 however, the WHO secretariat issued an invitation that allowed East Germany to be on the observant list, and did exactly the same next year. Thereafter, the WHO assembly approved through verbal concurrence the country’s application for the full membership to the organization.

As a result, Taiwan could use this “East German Mode” to seek supports to join the WHO, DR. Lo proposed. He then carried on the argument by saying: “We could not equate the topic of unification with both China and Taiwan in an international organization, as they are indeed two separate cases. Yet, what is more important is that if Taiwan, under China’s help and support, could join international organization such as the WHO, I believe it more or less elevates China’s position in the views of the Taiwanese people, and could possibly further the cause for reunification.”

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